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After School Clubs

Table Tennis

Table tennis is held every Monday after school 3:00- 4:15. This after school club is aimed at Year 6 children looking to improve and develop their skills. Children will be learning the rules and constantly enhancing their skills such as serving and returning. We have strong links with Ormesby Table Tennis club with one of their specialist coaches coming in weekly to deliver high quality sessions.

Football Training

Football training is a very popular after school club and is held every Tuesday for Key Stage 2 children. Children are constantly developing and enhancing skills that are required for football.

All football teams will participate in tournaments, cluster events and matches against other local schools.


Cricket is another popular after school club, which is held every Wednesday after school from 3:00- 4:15. This after school club is aimed at Key Stage 2 children who want to develop their skills regarding cricket such as learning how to bowl,  to be able to throw with accuracy and learning the general rules.


Tennis is held every Thursday and is aimed at lower Key Stage 2 children. The children will develop key skills that are essential in tennis such as forehand, back hand and learning how to serve successfully. Children will enhance their knowledge by learning specific rules and overall improving their general play.





Netball is held every Thursday after school from 3:00- 4:15. This after school club is aimed at Year 5/6 children looking to improve and develop their skills. Children will be taught the rules and constantly enhance their skills such as movement, passing, shooting and working as a team.

Gardening club

Gardening club will take place during the growing season. It will be run by Mrs Walker and it is open to Key Stage 2 children. The children will learn about all aspects of gardening and will develop an awareness of how to be self-sufficient. The club will run weather permitting and the children will have the opportunity to taste their own produce and sell surplus produce within the wider community. The children are likely to get quite messy so they will need to bring suitable clothing and a pair of Wellies.


Choir is held every Thursday after school 3:00 – 4:15. It is run by Miss Suthers and Mrs Gaskarth and is open to Year 4, 5 and 6 children. The children will develop their creativity and participate in rewarding group performances and events throughout the year.