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Governing Body/Membership

Governing Body/Committee Membership

Academic Year 2015/16
Updated october 2016

Governing Body Membership Type Appointed By Term of Office Attendance
Start End Attended
Mrs Julia Rodwell Head Ex Officio 01/01/2016  18/12/2020 10/10
Mr David Jackson LA GB 08/11/2015 07/11/2019 10/11
Mr Leslie Howes Co-opted GB 27/07/2015 26/07/2019 7/11
Mrs Richenda Broad Co-opted GB 03/10/2016 02/10/2020 4/6
Mrs Diane Derby Co-opted GB 13/11/2017 12/11/2021 3/4
Mrs Jackie Love Co-opted GB 13/11/2017  12/11/2021  N/A
Vacancy Co-opted GB
Vacancy Co-opted GB
Vacancy Co-opted GB
Mrs Janet Wainwright SBM Observer GB 31/10/2016 30/10/2020 N/A
Mrs Linda Leckenby-Blades Parent Elected 21/12/2012 20/12/2016 7/11
Mrs Mary Yousefi Parent Elected 13/11/2017 12/11/2021
Mrs Lianne Richardson Staff Elected 03/12/2015 02/12/2019 4/5


Full Governing
Finance &
RA Performance
Safer Rec
Governor Responsibility












Mrs Julie Rodwell X X
Mr David Jackson (Chair) X X X 16/10/2015 GDPR and Looked After Children (LAC)
Mr Leslie Howes (Vice Chair) Chair  X X
Mrs Jenny James
Mrs Richenda Broad Chair
Mrs Janet Wainwright SBM X
Mrs Linda Leckenby-Blades X X
Mrs Diane Darby 30/11/2012
Mrs Jacke Love X X 29/11/2017
Mrs Lianne Richardson X X
Mrs Mary Yousefi X


 Former Govenors  Type Appointed by  Term of office
 Start End
Mrs Jenny James Co-opted GB 27/07/2015 07/06/2018
Ms Kate Rennison Staff Elected 03/12/2015 13/11/2017
Mrs Anne Weatherson Co-opted GB 08/10/2015 07/07/2017
Mrs Mary Hall HT Ex Officiate  01/09/2007 16/12/2016

** Concerns/Appeals Committee – Pool Membership (all governors except those employed in school in any capacity)

The Governing Body recognises its responsibility to be the final arbiter on all policy matters and decisions concerning the management of the school.

It is the Governing Body’s intention to delegate responsibilities adequately to a number of Committees and to the Head and staff so as to ensure the most efficient and effective delivery of policy.

The Chair of the Committees to agree with the Head Teacher the agenda and send to members 1 week prior to the meeting.

The minutes of Committees will be presented to all Governors at the next full Governing Body meeting.  Major decisions may be referred to the full Governing Body where full consultation is felt advisable.

The Governing Body has also established Working Parties without delegated powers to consider key issues with a view to recommending to full Governors a course of action.