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Mathematics involves the development of logical thinking and the ability to make sense of the world. Numeracy is a key life skill, a tool for everyday life, a means of communicating information and of solving practical problems.

Our aim is to provide a positive attitude towards the enjoyment and appreciation of mathematics. We want to give pupils a firm basis of knowledge and skills so that they become numerate and are confident to tackle real life maths problems now and in the future.

The National Curriculum for Maths emphasises mental agility and understanding the number system. Numeracy is a proficiency which involves confidence and competence with numbers and measures. We therefore want children to acquire a repertoire of computational skills and an ability to solve problems in a variety of contexts.

The strands of maths studied during primary school will include:

  • Number
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Statistics
  • Algebra

As part of our calculation teaching, we know that consistency is key and we follow a progression in calculations document that we have developed in school.
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Mathematics is linked, where possible, to other areas of the curriculum (e.g. Science, Geography, History, PE), and children's work can extend out of the classroom into the outdoor learning environment.

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