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More Able and Talented

‘A rising tide lifts all ships.’

At Park End Primary, we recognise that we have more able and talented pupils (MAT). We define MAT as ‘Children with one or more abilities developed to a level ahead of their year group, or with the potential to develop those abilities’. This may include areas such as:

  • Physical talent
  • Artistic talent
  • Creativity
  • Academic thinking
  • Leadership

It is important to add that MAT children can be:

  • Good all rounders
  • High achievers in one area
  • Of high ability, but low motivation
  • Of good verbal ability, but poor writing skills
  • Very able with short attention span
  • Very able with poor social skills
  • Keen to disguise their ability.

Our school believes that ability needs to be nurtured through opportunity, support and motivation. As a result of this, the children identified as MAT are given extra opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills. This is done in a range of ways including competitions, clubs, visits and interventions. School also utilises the skills of external partners and in-school expertise to develop staff's ability to cater for MAT pupils.

Taylor has been recognised as a gifted and talented chess player by CSC Teesside. He has been presented with the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust Award (ALMT) due to his impressive standard of play and general attitude.