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PE Curriculum

PE Curriculum P.E. at Park End Primary School plays a vital part of everyday school life. All pupils have a minimum of two hours of PE timetabled each week. P.E. offers children a combination of physical education, physical activity and competitive sports.

Our aim is to develop children’s ability in a range of physical activities, to ensure children are able to sustain physical activity for a period of time and encourage children to engage in competitive sports and activities.  In doing so, this will enable children to confidently lead healthy, active lives during and beyond school.

The National Curriculum for P.E. focuses on developing the necessary knowledge, skills and techniques to enhance their sporting ability.  In EYFS children will develop fundamental movement, balance and agility.

In Key Stage 1, children will further develop fundamental movement, balance, agility and co-ordination skills. The children will then apply these skills in a range of sporting activities. They are given the opportunity to perform individually and with others and are encouraged to co-operate in competitive physical challenges. All children in year 2 are entitled to an intense two week swimming block, where they develop the fundamentals of swimming.

In Key Stage 2, children develop previously taught skills, learning how to use them in a variety of ways.  It is here where children becoming increasingly more involved in competitive sports, modified where appropriate, and apply other principles such as attacking, defending and team work.  Children will learn how to identify where improvements can be made and how to evaluate and recognise their achievements.  Key Stage 2 children are also given the opportunity to participate in outdoor adventurous activity and swimming.
In all aspects of primary P.E. fun, enjoyment, confidence, competence and self-esteem are the forefront of our PE delivery.

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