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On Thursday 6th April the netball team travelled to Outwood Acklam Secondary School to compete in a Middlesbrough Schools netball competition. The children that made up the squad were Nicole Halpin, Rosie Callander, Leah Mulraney, Leonie Mulraney, Maisie Whittaker, Emily Craster, Callum Daniels and Joseph Bacon.

For the first group of matches we come up against Breckon Hill, Thorntree, Caldicotes and St Thomas moore. We drew 3 games and lost 1 which was against Caldicotes. These results placed us in a second round of fixtures to play for the Plate 2 trophy. The qualifier game was against St. Alphonsus, we won the game 2-0 which resulted our next game being the quarter finals against Thorntree. The team started very quick scoring 2 points early which came from sharp shooter Nicole Halpin. Another point was scored by Joseph Bacon to make it 3-0. The semi final was against Newport which we knew was going to be a very competitive game. We started off extremely quick again scoring 2 points which came from superb combination play from Leah Mulraney and Nicole Halpin. Newport pulled one back in the second half to make it 2-1 however we managed to defend as a team brilliantly to win the game. In the final we come up against St. Augustines. At this point we were playing some outstanding netball and working superbly as a team. We ended up winning the game 3-0,  points coming from Joseph Bacon, Emily Craster and Leah Mulraney.

The team played outstanding throughout the day and should be very proud of winning the plate 2 trophy. Mr Storey and Mr Lovatt were extremely proud of the team.



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