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Tag Rugby Week

The children couldn’t wait to represent Park End in many of the Tag Rugby competitions this year as it is a very popular sport at our school.

Year 5/6

The Year 5/6 team travelled to Middlesbrough college on Tuesday 10th October to play in the mixed competition. The team consisted of Lennon Brydon, Tyler Foy, Jordan Andrew, Dylan Sobey,  Zak Marshall, Adam Morgan, Amelia Yates, Charlotte Legg, Kennedy Johnson and Katie Moore. We won 2, drew 3 and lost 1 of the morning games, which placed us in a specific group for the afternoon. We played some fantastic rugby on the afternoon and the team really stepped up their performance, essentially winning all of their group games. The final was contested between Park End and Lingfield. The game was a superb game to watch and the quality was very high. We unfortunately got beat 3-2 and ended up coming runners up. Special mention to Katie Moore and Jordan Andrew who scored some outstanding tries throughout the day.

Year 3/4

The Year 3/4 team travelled to the Southlands Centre on Thursday 12th October to play in the Middlesbrough schools competition. The team consisted of Kevin Deneci, David Legg, Myles Middleton, Luca Brydon, Scarlett Sobey, Lateisha Branighan, Martha Morgan and Ebony Duffy. We won 1 and lost 3 during the morning games, which sent us into a group for the afternoon. The team were gradually improving as the day progressed, which showed with the results. We won 2, drew 1 and lost 1 however we were just knocked out on try difference. Special mention to Kevin Deneci and Ebony Duffy who scored some magnificent solo tries. Also well done to the Year 3 children participating as it was their first competitive Tag Rugby competition!


The girls also travelled to the Soutlands Centre on Friday 13th October to compete in the all girls competition. The team consisted of Katie Moore, Amelia Yates, Kennedy Johnson, Elissa Kenvyn, Charlotte Legg, Lola Johnston, Lacey Spanswick, Martha Morgan and Ebony Duffy. The girls were drawn into a very competitive group, which included Corprus Christi, Green Lane and St Claires. The girls played some outstanding rugby and showed superb team work in all aspects of the game. We actually drew all three games with all games being high scoring and entertaining. We were placed in the plate group which adopted a knockout system and unfortunately we got beat 3-2 by St Gerrards. Well done to all girls involved. Special mention to Amelia Yates and Martha Morgan who were outstanding team players.

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