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Wilf Mannion

PEPS entered two teams into the annual Wilf Mannion football tournament which was held at MFC foundation Herlingshaw centre. The tournament takes place for over two days so the pupils were extremely excited knowing they were going to get two days of football.

The boys team consisted a mix of Year 4/5 pupils which included Dylan Sobey, Harvey Cassidy, Lucas Wilson, Adam Morgan, Deaton Sargent, Louie Morgan, Tyler Foy, Lennon Brydon and Jordan Andrew. The girls team consisted of Paige Vint, Amelia Yates, Charlotte Legg, Katie Moore, Kennedy Johnson, Lilly Chape, Melody Patisson, Rihanna Conlin and Elissa Kenvyn.


The boys knew it was going to be tough against Year 6 pupils but they were determined to compete against older boys. The first day we played 5 games, we lost 3 and drew 2 which placed us in a group the following day with schools who were similar ability. The girls team were also very determined to compete against some strong girls teams. They also played 5 games, winning 1, losing 1 and drawing 3 so the girls were very pleased going into the next day.


The boys played some fantastic football on the last day producing some great goals and really pulling together demonstrating some outstanding defending, We played 7 games, winning 2, losing 2 and drawing 3. Unfortunately the boys didn’t progress to the semi final however learnt a lot from the two days and will be prepared for next year! The girls also played some good football and really stuck together as a team. Special mention to Katie Moore and Kennedy Johnson for their individual performances!


Well done to all the pupils who competed over the two days!

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