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Y5/6 Girls Basketball

On Tuesday 7th February, the girls basketball team went to UCA to compete in a Middlesbrough schools competition. The girls that made up the team were Lois Worthy, Leah Mulraney, Leonie Mulraney, Emily Craster, Maisie Whittaker, Rosie Callender and Charlotte Legg.

We got placed in a group that consisted of St Claires, Marton manor and Abingdon. We were first game on the court coming up against a very strong St Claires team. It was an extremely tough game and we ended up losing the game 4-0. Our next game was against Marton manor, another strong side with some very talented players. The girls battled till the final whistle and we ended up losing the game 2-0. Our last group game was against Abingdon, points from Leah Mulraney 1, Leonie Mulraney 1 and Rosie Callender 3 made it our first victory of the day.

For the next group of games we were placed in plate 2 which consisted of St Alphonsus, Pallister Park B and St Josephs. We were first on court again coming up against St Alphonsus. The passing and team work shown was very impressive resulting in PEPS winning the game 4-2. Pallister Park B was our next game which we knew was going to be very tough. Again our all round play was excellent and thanks to some superb baskets scored by Lois Worthy and Charlotte Legg we won the game 5-2. The last game was crucial in the group as this would determine who would go onto win the group. By this point the girls were playing some exceptional basketball, Maisie Whittakers great passing, Emily Crasters solo dribbling followed by Lois Worthys excellent individual play helped us win the game 9-0. The girls were extremely excited to receive their trophy!


A huge well done to all the girls, they played and conducted themselves superb throughout the competition!





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