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Cool Clubs

At Park End Primary School we have a myriad of clubs for all age pupils. From showing off silky skills in football club, to singing like a princess in choir, would you like to be in one of these superb clubs?

Morning Clubs
Park End has an amazing breakfast club that is totally free to all its pupils where you can get toast and cereal. Also, there is a games club where you can play lots of different sports and an ICT club where you can go on the Apple Macs and play on any games that are appropriate and beneficial to your education. (Matthew Craster, Year 5)

Dinner Clubs
There are dinner clubs available for good behaviour and for children that choose not to go outside. You can participate in activities from taking a world-class shot in football to drawing an artist-like picture in Art club. ICT and Movie clubs are also run at dinnertime if you wish to play on the computers or watch a film. (Joshua Hopper, Year 5)

After-School Clubs
Park End runs clubs after school hours. Football, J.A.S.S. and Choir are just a few of these clubs. Football is on at the end of the school day on a Tuesday until 4:20pm. Mr Holmes, Mr Storey and Mr Lovett take the training sessions and you get to show off your amazing skills and powerful shots to get the ball in the back of the net. Miss Hanson takes J.A.S.S. club to lots of places, like the rocky climbing wall and Miss Cunningham teaches and trains choir club to sing confidently in front of people and care home etc. (Lawrence Wilson, Year 5)

As you can see, Park End offers lots of clubs run by fun and friendly staff. The clubs are designed to allow pupils to participate in activities they may not normally have the opportunity to do.
(Harley Lee, Year 5)

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