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Year 4

Autumn 1 – I Am Warrior

In Autumn 1, we will discover what Romans brought to Britain and recognise key events in Roman history. Through the children’s English work we will explore life as a Roman soldier and introduce the children to some Latin vocabulary. Children will have the opportunity to research famous artwork and design and create their own mosaics using a range of materials. We will have a visit from a Roman specialist and visit a famous Roman landmark – Hadrian’s Wall and the famous Segedunum fort.

Autumn 2 – Vicious Vikings

In this topic the children will be learning what life was like in Britain when the Saxons and the Vikings invaded. They will be stepping into the shoes of an Anglo-Saxon warrior and they will be discovering all about Viking market towns. They will enhance their topic through making jewellery and weaponry in Design and Technology. In geography the children will be looking at the location of different settlements and homes that were built. The children will have the opportunity to participate in some roll play and instruction writing.

Spring 1 & 2 – Road Trip USA

Buckle up! Year 4 are heading across the Atlantic to embark upon a road trip across the United States of America.
Starting in New York on the east coast, we will be finding out all about ‘The Big Apple’.  From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State building, we will be tourists in the city that never sleeps and write home to tell you all about it.
Before setting off westwards, we will be entering the museums of New York and going back in time to discover the amazing customs and traditions of the Iroquois Native American tribe.
Leaving New York, we will head towards California on our memorable road trip, ending our journey in Hollywood.  Will we see our names up in lights?  You’ll have to wait and see!

Summer 1 – Potions

In this topic the children will be exploring the magical world of Wonderland. Through the classic book, Alice in Wonderland, children will be making potions and discovering magic.
During the half term, children will be making their own potions and explaining how they will work as well as designing their own perfumes and experimenting with viscosity!
We are all excited to get playing with potions and exploring through science!

Summer 2 – Burps, Bottoms and Bile

In Summer 2 we are on a voyage to investigate the world inside our bodies.
We will look at teeth and how to have a winning smile.  We will be adapting familiar recipes and learning how to make them healthier by reducing the sugar.
Climb on board as we take a journey through the digestive system.  We will be following a piece of food from its starting point to its end destination!  In our English lessons, we will write an explanation of the digestive process and write fantasy stories imagining the sights and sounds of the food on its route.  Watch out for the bends of the intestines and what you might see there!
So by the end of this topic, we will know all about the mystery of our body and how to look after the marvellous belching, squelching, mixture making machine that is the body we live in.