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Year 5

Year 5


Fascinating Pharaohs and Mystifying Mummies

To start off the new year, we will be travelling back in time 5000 years to the dusty realms of ancient Egypt. Our children will be taking a cruise along the River Nile and learning about the mysteries and curses of mummies and pharaohs. We will be unravelling the secrets of the grandiose gods!
Within topic lessons, children will develop their understanding of historical events and how to order events on a chronological timeline. They will learn how to mummify a body and write lots of exciting instructions linked to this.

Off with her Head!

After the half term, we will be transported to the 1500s when the terrible Tudors reigned. We will recreate life in Tudor times through art, music and dance and become criminal investigators discovering how crime was punished!
Children will get the chance to explore the life of the infamous Henry VIII and the lives of his poor wives. Children will be visited by a special guest who is going to help them gain a real insight into how those terrible Tudors lived.
We will be imagining ourselves in the lives of some of these Tudors, as we write diary extracts recounting some terrible tales.


Dig for Victory

During spring 1 children will be developing green fingers when they discover allotments. They will learn about farms and where foods come from. They will be creating their own farmers’ market and learning how to sell their own produce in order to make profit! In English lessons, children will be putting their persuasive techniques to good use to try and encourage people to buy their produce.
Within our science lessons, we will be learning about living things and their environments in our science topic of ‘Beast Creator’. Children will get the opportunity to role-play government employed scientists and fight an outbreak of insects.

Extreme Earth

Earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes! Children will find out all about the Earth's extremes, from raging tropical storms to violent erupting volcanoes to terrifying towering tsunamis. We will also explore how these extremes affect people, communities and landscapes through a series of informative and thought-provoking lessons. A series of geography lessons will enable the children to gain an understanding of the Earth’s climate and weather patterns.



This summer we will be blasting off into space! We will be learning all about the planets of the Solar System through some exciting and unique experiences. Using amazing technology and scientific investigation we will be embarking on the greatest adventure through space; are we alone or are there other life forms out there?
Children will get the chance to visit a planetarium and have first-hand experience of the stars. Budding authors amongst the children will love writing their out of this world story in their English lessons.

Time Traveller

To finish the year we will be finding out about how people change through time. Using art techniques and scientific investigation we will be examining how long a human body takes to grow inside the womb and what changes we have gone through since we were born. Get ready for the baby photos!
Children are even going to get the chance to invent their own time-travel machine and write all about it. We might even see some inventions that are good enough for Dragon’s Den!
We will be exploring the work of some very famous artists and having a go at our own masterpieces.